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We Welcome You With a Unique Offer

Partner benefits or personal remuneration for a client who has signed a contract

As our partner you will get:

  • Bonus partner system with possibility to select the most suitable type of partnership.
  • Surrogacy, IVF, egg donation options for your intended parents in Alice Fertility Clinic.
  • Team of professionals in fertility, legislation and exit process and customer care.
  • Highest standards of surrogates and donor’s care.
  • Individual approach to every partner by personal partnership coordinator
<h3>We Welcome You With a Unique Offer</h3><br><h3>Partner benefits or personal remuneration for a client who has signed a contract </h3>

We Guarantee:

  • an easy start
  • straightforwardness
  • a high level of income
  • joint marketing
  • our care and support

We Invite to Cooperation

Fertility Clinics and Agencies

You work with clients in assisted reproduction field? You can address us for medical procedures and our extensive egg donors database for qualified services

Experienced Intended Parents

You have already come through your surrogacy process? You can spread the word about your experiences to help others to create a family just like you did

Fertility Experts & Doctors

You are a fertility specialist with a clients' database? You can lead them to us, so you and us could join our forces in helping them become parents.

Individual Advisors

You advocate for making the happiness of parenthood accessible for all? You can care for others by addressing them to us.

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How to Become Our Partner?

Step 1

Submit your request

Step 2

Our Partner Manager will contact you and give you details about our collaboration

Step 3

Attract clients and get remuneration

Become our partner
Become our partner
<h3><br/>Why Choose WCOB</h3>

Why Choose WCOB

  • We work worldwide. Our clients come from France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Mauritius, and Brazil.
  • We helped to fulfill 150 dreams of parenthood
  • We work with leading experts in reproductive science and high-standard medical equipment at our Alice Fertility Clinic in Kyiv
  • We involve top legal experts in the surrogacy field and immigration law, so the exit process for our intended parents is very straightforward and smooth.
  • We thoroughly select surrogate mothers and egg donors with precise medical and psychological examinations and background checks

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